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Month: February 2017

January 2017 Family Update

Here’s what happened in January 2017:

We went to the Children’s Museum and Margot sat behind the wheel of a car:

We built towers:

We went for walks in the snow:

We built a seat for Elmo:

Our bathroom remodel was completed. Here are a couple before/after pictures. Sorry for the (lack of) quality:

I went to a Steelers playoff game. It was very cold:

All in all, it was a pretty good month. It was great to get the bathroom project finished and be able to use the main bathroom. We’ve been using the bathroom on the third floor for showers and baths and that got old pretty fast. Tune in next month for a recap of February – hopefully I’ll have another finished home renovation project to share.

Thanks @watsunatkinsun for the beautiful Mandelbrot interpretation and thanks @white_willow_collective for hosting!

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New Run activity on Strava

Just finished a Run on Strava for 42 minutes, 48 seconds going 7645.6m.

Vendor with Walkman. FLL.

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More Clouds

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Thanks to all the parents out there for this pro-tip: book the two end seats and cross your fingers no one sits in the middle.

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