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Month: January 2017

My not-yet-two-year-old daughter discovered emojis today.

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New Run activity on Strava

Just finished a Run on Strava for 32 minutes, 25 seconds going 6446.5m.

New Run activity on Strava

Just finished a Run on Strava for 1 hour, 14 minutes, 37 seconds going 13274.6m.

Happy to see photos of so many friends, neighbors, people from our church and from our community marching across the country. This was East Liberty today.

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Trouble on two wheels

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Running in heels 

So Saturday I went for a run. No big story there. For some reason my Garmin watch didn’t want to sync with Strava and I lost my run data somehow. But that’s not my point.

As I was running up Craig Street, crossing Fifth in Oakland, an Asian woman making a good delivery started running right next to me. She was wearing heels and outran me. So for like 30 seconds on Saturday I was outrun by a woman delivering food in heels. That was a first for me.

What did you do this morning? I built a throne for Elmo completely by hand- no power tools.

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looks like college is paid for already

my daughter is a champion dancer. i’m just gonna go check the mail – pretty sure there are some scholarship offers in there. ​video proof below:

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